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'HMC' Double Hydraulic Press brake ideally suitable for pressing, drawing, broaching, straightening, Corrugation etc

Technical Specification
Cap. in Tons Size H.P. No. of Cylinders Cylinder Bore Ram dia Ram Travel
40 1mt x 3mt 3 2 76mm 45mm 200mm
60 2mt x 3mt 3 2 100mm 63mm 200mm
60 2.5mt x 3mt 3 2 135mm 90mm 200mm
100 2.5mt x 6mt 7.5 2 150mm 100mm 250mm
150 2.5mt x 10mt 10 3 200mm 125mm 250mm
150 3mt x 6mt 10 3 200mm 125mm 250mm

The unit will be supplied complete with electricals, V-Block and Punch. We can also design press brake as per your request

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